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Bank Linking Stack

Remove the limits of institutional coverage. Enable multiple bank linking services through a single API and integrated UI. Increase connection reliability and redundancy to maximize conversion rates.

Features and Benefits

Adding one additional provider increases coverage by over 5000 new institutions

Supporting multiple providers extends coverage to support your customers wherever they bank. By increasing institution coverage, developers broaden their customer TAM and increase conversion rates by 22%-45%.

Add redundancy to your bank-linking connections

When a bank connection is unreliable with one provider, use another. Minimize disruption for your customer in their bank-linking flow and increase conversion rates.

Integrated UI for customers and unified data model for developers.

Customers get the best experience out of the box. Developers scale across multiple providers with ease.

Regularly updated institution metadata.

Meld keeps an updated list of institutions so you don’t have to!

Use cases

Across Bank Linking experiences


Bank to Bank Payments

Fintechs need customer bank information such as routing number, account number, and account balance to power bank to bank payments. When a customer is unable to connect their bank information, you lose a critical opportunity to convert a willing prospect into a customer. Adding additional service providers enables you to improve conversion and redundancy.



Lending, credit, and debit platforms need a customer’s bank transaction data to effectively power their underwriting models. By increasing institution coverage and providing better reliability, Meld increases data coverage in your models to unlock insights, lower your customer acquisition cost, and serve more customers.



Budgeting applications want to provide 360 degree visibility into their customers’ finances. Working with Meld, they ensure they are able to support all of the institutions and accounts their customers want to connect to provide holistic financial advice.


Ledger and Accounting Systems

Ledger and system of record companies need access to their customers’ transaction data for accounting, analytics, and reconciliation purposes. With Meld, you don’t have to build separate integrations to ingest data. Meld provides a single API and webhooks to access customer data in near real time.

Supporting integrations across the ecosystem

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